About Us

Modern techniques and traditional skills are efficiently and effectively combined at Strong & Woodhatch. New items are made by experienced craftsmen and then prepared by specialist metal polishers for silver plating. Pure silver is deposited by the time-proven method of electroplating in tanks of silver solution. The newly-plated item is then finished by hand to a shining mirror finish which is the distinctive look associated with Strong & Woodhatch products.

The company is equally capable of supplying new banqueting flats -freely available from an extensive and large stock room - as it is when designing and manufacturing specialist items for customers' own requirements.

The traditional silversmithing skills, where eye and hand are as important as any machine, arc equally evident in the care and attention given to the manufacture of new or restoration of worn and damaged silver items. Refurbishment is a hallmark of the Strong & Woodhatch service as many hotels and restaurants will acknowledge. Our renovation service satisfies the rigorous and exacting standards set by the Crown Suppliers who, as agents for establishments and embassies both in the United Kingdom and abroad, help carry the Strong & Woodhatch message of quality around the world.

Our strong representative back-up is, and will continue to be, a company strength, enabling a diverse and prestigious clientele to retain total confidence in Strong & Woodhatch's ability to produce what is required, when it is needed while always using traditional methods of production and craftsmanship. Strong & Woodhatch is a family concern where innovation, flexibility, care and attention have been incorporated into a forward-looking philosophy that will always place the needs of the customer first.

Whether its an extension to a restaurant, a hotel project or a new banqueting operation, you can feel confident that Strong & Woodhatch can provide everything you will need in Silverware Products.



Anything from a Teaspoon to a Carving Trolley can be restored by the craftsmen at Strong & Woodhatch. Items which have suffered from much use - and sometimes too much ill-use - can be transformed and put back into service again.

This can be achieved at approximately 50% of the price of a new item. The same levels of care and attention are given to refurbishing as in the manufacture of a new piece of Silverware. Re plating provides an economical method of re-using your worn and damaged silverware and cutlery. Give it to the experts and be delighted at the results.



Strong & Woodhatch offer a Badging Service for clients who wish to carry their corporate identity through to their cutlery and holloware.


Metal Stamps (Badges) are designed and made to order and your logo or initials can be applied to most items we supply.